June 1, 2024

In August I will be raising money for Andy’s Man Club by taking on a very testing Art Challenge.

I will be creating a painting on a 6ft x 6ft canvas that will reflect unity and support for men which is something that Andy’s Man Club provides nationally.

I will be living in the space for as long as it takes to finish the painting such as eating and sleeping there with no social interaction and in complete isolation.

(The only time I will leave the space is to take a shower in a house that is unoccupied next to the space I’ll be working in).

Staying silent and not being part of a community can drastically impact mental health which is why I’ve chosen to carry out the challenge in this way.

I am then hoping to get sponsors in the lead-up to the challenge and will then do an online auction where the highest bidder will receive the painting and all money raised will go to Andy’s Man Club.

I have been sitting on this idea for a year now and am excited if not a bit nervous to do it.

I’m in the process of finalising a couple of details (such as dates) and then will be sharing my fundraising page. I’d appreciate it if friends and family could give it a share and if you can spare a small donation that would be an added bonus!

(A big thank you to MediWright for providing me with a space and Cam Creative Media who will be capturing the painting’s progress!)

Details coming soon……



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